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Two Village Artists’ Exhibition- Shin Yuan Chuang and the Sky of Hundred-Pace Snake

The present exhibition will be hold in the Ketagalan Culture Center between August 14th and September 14th, 2010.
The Sky of Hundred-Pace Snake- Painting Show of Rong-Huei, Ching
Venue: Level 3, Indigenous Culture Display Hall
Rong-Huei, Ching, Paiwan artist, comes from Pingtong County. Though he suffers from cerebral palsy, he overcomes various difficulties and has shown amazing willpower to create Paiwan totem. His work combines traditional hand lines of the aged indigenous people. He also uses pottery pots, hundred-pace snake, and stone house as the elements of painting.
Shin Yuan Chuang- Modern Metal Arts Exhibition
Venue: Level 6, Indigenous Theme Library
Huei Ching, Kao Wu, a Paiwan artist, aims to preserve and let more people know about their culture. Metal is the material that commonly used in this exhibition.