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Spring Arts Activity-Fun Weekends at Ketagalan Culture Center

Fun Weekends Performance:
April 2nd-4th: Amis Tribe
April 9th-11th: Puyuma Tribe
April 16th-18th: Amis Tribe
April 23rd-25th: Puyuma Tribe
April 30th: Amis Tribe
May 1st-2nd: Amis Tribe
May 7th-9th: Puyuma Tribe
May 14th-16th: Amis Tribe
May 21st-23rd: Puyuma Tribe
May 28th-30th: Amis Tribe
The Puyuma Tribe music and dance:
Based on the worshipping of tribe, the Puyuma People perform their culture through live songs and dance.
The Amis Tribe music and dance:
Amis People’s pleasure and energy are demonstrated by the design of stage, music and dance.
Directed by: Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government
Executed by: Ketagalan Culture Center
TEL: (02) 2898-6500, ext. 512
Date: March 26-May 30th
Business hour: 15:00 on Friday, 10:30 and 15:00 every Saturday and Sunday
Venue: Ketagalan Culture Center