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1.Regular education training
The Ketagalan Culture Center is developing for multi-faceted functions. It has series of training seminars catering to the current needs of the society, while combining the program set out by a professional advisory team. This provides a conduit for elevating one’s own competitiveness for the city’s indigenous peoples and for the business professionals.
◎Time: June and July
◎Location: Ketagalan Culture Center 4F, International Conference Hall
◎Intended Audience: Indigenous college students, youth groups, and non-indigenous college students

2.Indigenous Theme Library Service
The Library collection is mainly to provide readers and borrowers for purpose of education, teaching, research, and related information. It also promote the circulation of information on Center’s exhibition and collections. This can enhance the understanding and appreciation of indigenous culture and arts for Taipei City residents, and foreign tourists, thus boost the use of the facility.

The book collection is divided into ten main categories - History, Annual Compendium, Literature, Arts, Academic Research, Audio-visual Teaching, Education, Law and Administration, Science, and Children’s Books. It provides researchers and interested persons with information for indigenous peoples studies.

◎Open Hours: 9:00-17:00 Tuesday to Sunday
◎Open Level: 6F, Library Reading Room

3. Rental service for multi-function exhibition and performance space and handicraft learning classroom
The working space at the Center is designed for multi-functional use, to provide arts and culture exhibition, seminar meetings, handicraft learning, and other purposes. The use by government-registered indigenous groups are provide for free (not including costs for clean up, air conditioning, and audio-visual equipment)
◎Application Time: Must apply two weeks before the planned activity, and call by phone one week before for verification
◎Telephone inquiry: 2898-6500 ext. 511
Leasing 7~9 F Art and Craft Teaching Classrooms
4F International Conference Hall
Application Submit application two weeks before the scheduled
activity, confirmation by phone one week before
Leasing Time Period Tue to Sun 9:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00
Leasing Rate location 3000-NT/period
air-conditioning 1000-NT/day
audio-video 1000-NT/day
cleaning 1000-NT/day
Phone Number 2898-6500 ext 511

4. Service for Guided Culture Tour
There are more than 12 indigenous groups in Taiwan, with their home-grown culture, and outgrowth of many sub-culture in this native environment. It is background for cultivation of arts and culture with blessing from God and magic by shamans. In the eyes of humanity and social study researchers, it is also a land full of treasures. We invite in earnest for friends who are interested in indigenous culture, Come with us and enter the magical world of aboriginal mythology.
◎ Reservation Time: 9:00 ~ 17:00, Tuesday to Sunday
◎ Service desk for reservation: 2898-6500 ext. 512 (for groups of more than 10, tour guide will be provided)