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Important Dates



Nov 3rd,Offical opening, inauguration ceremony of the Ketagalan Culture Center



The invitation to Australian aborigine artists, Mr. Richard Gulaygulay, Mr. Neville Birrinbinrrin, to organize the “Public Mural Painting Project by the Australian Aborigine Peoples”.
Seminar on “Indigenous Peoples Museum 2003”


The first painting competition for elementary, junior and senior high school students, “We are family” and “Indigenous Peoples Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition”


First time event for ”Indigenous Peoples Photo Exhibition”, “Tao Wooden Canoe Installation Ceremony”


First time for holding of “Ping Pu Plains Aborigines Cultural Festival” as part of series of events in the Taipei Indigenous Peoples Cultural Events.

First time for special exhibitions on handicrafts ”Indigenous Peoples Traditional Handicraft Exhibition”, ”Photos of the Disappearing Facial Tattoo and Glass Bead Painting Exhibition”



Painting competition of “We Are family 2004” and “Indigenous Peoples Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition 2004”

“Lecture Class on the Culture of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples 2004” for elementary, junior and senior high school students


“Colorful Styles Indigenous Peoples Harvest Festival”, a celebration for the 120th anniversary of the establishment of Taipei city.



Mother’s Day activity, ”Smile of Ina” and “Nan-Chun Bells Fine Art Exhibition”


Start up event,“Research and Study on Knowledge of Enterprise Organization System, and Research and Study on Project Planning and Case Management”.

“Ancestor Spirit, Art, Taiwan and Australia Friendship - Activities of Indigenous Peoples Film Culture of Taiwan and Australia 2005” and Australian Artifact Exhibition :“Ancestor Spirit, Art, Taiwan- Australia Friendship”, a cooperation with The Australian Commerce & Industry Office Taipei


First time invitation for a forum on “Nourishing the Culture Roots” for elementary principals and teachers

First time activity for holding“Into the Legend of Motherland”, visiting activities of elementary students at the Hall of Indigenous Peoples Mythology

“Descendants in the Sunset”, an exhibition on indigenous oil painting by Lin Ta-Yang


“Duet Dance of Culture and Hot Springs 2005”, a first time meeting to convene with local Beitou business people on hot springs tourism


First time convening for “Leaders Meeting of Indigenous Student Club in Universities”, a gathering of university students of northern Taiwan

“Women Should be like the Sun”, a yoga course for Beitou citizens and indigenous women held for the first time

“Caring for Mountain Aborigines – Illuminate the light for the soul of heroes on Christmas Eve”



“Nourishing the Culture Roots”, visitor guide activity in 2006


“We Are Family”painting exhibition


First time for“Patanatana yakuwan- Spring Ritual” an activity for indigenous shamans

“Achievement through the Decade- Commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government”, “Symposium on the interaction of Indigenous Peoples affairs between Taipei and Kaohsiung city government”, “Photo Exhibition on the Minority Peoples of China”, a series of celebration activities for the 10th anniversary of Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government


Start-up for the recruitment of volunteer workers in 2006


“Children’s Painting Competition on Indigenous Culture” for elementary and kindergarten students, a joint activity for guides on nourishing culture roots


 First time for“Culture Creation Industry”, “Volunteer Workers Training Camp”


Holding of“Study Seminar on Working Knowledge for Business Enterprise 2006”


First time for“Vitality of the Indigenous Communities”, the first nourishing culture roots activity in the summer time

“Song of the Female Shaman, Music of Mother Nature - Multimedia Exhibition of Chao Chi-Ling”, exhibition theme focused on female shaman


“I-Jiang, Bronze Sculpture Exhibition of Indigenous Peoples”

“Duet Dance of Culture and Hot Springs 2006”, a series of activities for Taipei Hot Springs Festival