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We need to strengthen our roots, We want to sustain the courage of the hunters, the wisdom of the elders and the humble attitude towards Mother Nature Pass on the culture to the next generation This is our obligation, and is our mission It does not matter where you come from If you are keen on sustaining the indigenous culture Welcome to join us Together we can re-build the rich tapestry of Taiwan’s aboriginal culture .
■ Range of Services: 
1.Library information rendering, book placement, arrangement of shelving space, book circulation service.
2.Tour guide on aboriginal culture, on display items in the building, and other exhibition items.
3.Support for Ketagalan Culture Center’s theme exhibition, conference, seminar, and other activities.
■ Volunteer qualification:
1. Those who can accommodate the time with the center’s scheduled activities.
2.Interested in service to public and are of fine moral characters.
3.Healthy in mind and body, keeping with proper appearance, and good communication skills.
4.Identify with aboriginal culture and willing to undergo other enhancement training lessons.
■ Compensation and Benefits:
1.Provide volunteering-related education training.
2.Priority for participating at training, seminar, exhibition, and other activities held at the center.
3.Transportation subsidy of NT 110 for each volunteering service session.
4.Those with distinguished service will be honored with an award plaque of “Outstanding Volunteer”. To Sign Up: Download and fill in the sign-up form below , fax to (02) 2898-6519