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   The Ketagalan is an old tribe living in northern Taiwan. The name of Beitou also originates from the Ketagalan tribal language. Ketagalan Culture Center, situated in Beitou, is therefore named. It is hoped that everyone will remember the indigenous peoples on this land and be reminded that cultural diversity is the true color of Taiwan. Even Taipei City, where the migrants account for the majority of the population, is not a city without the “indigenous tribes.” They are only covered and forgotten. For example, the names of the places like Wanhua, Qilian, and Tayou are all the remains of the Ketagalan. Therefore, we believe that only through repeated propaganda and education can we make the public have deeper knowledge and understanding about the indigenous culture and gradually internalize and identify with the concept of cultural diversity. In this way, we will reduce prejudice and discrimination, and the true diverse equality will appear. This is the function and mission of Ketagalan Culture Center.
  In response to Taipei City Government’s project of eco-museum in Beitou, there have been many dazzling spots in the surroundings of MRT Xinbeitou Station attracting many tourists. With the management activation in recent years, Ketagalan Culture Center, featuring the exhibitions on the Taiwanese indigenous peoples’ culture, not only has become the important venue to market the indigenous culture in the urban area of Taipei but also has realized the importance of connecting and cooperating with the rich local cultural assets of Xinbeitou and the tourist industries in the action of cultural marketing. Therefore, to make the culture center not only the space of activities and exhibitions for the indigenous people in Taipei City but also a place where the Ketagalan will feel a sense of belonging, we should work hard to make adjustments to become both the culture center the local residents of Beitou will identify with and a part of the life circle in Beitou.
  To create more opportunities for the Ketagalan culture to be seen by everyone, we will hold the special exhibition of Pingpu Tribe annually. Extending the past exhibitions presented in recent years, the exhibition has won the positive feedbacks in terms of both creative and traditional conception. We will continue to make innovations on the special exhibition of Pingpu culture. After all, it is the feature of the culture center we should maintain. In the exhibition of the indigenous culture, besides the collected cultural relics to surprise the visitors with the exquisite and beautiful indigenous culture, we will also invite the exhibitions from other museums so that the great exhibitions will enrich everyone’s knowledge about the indigenous culture.
  Some floors of the culture center are under renovation. It is hoped to provide the better exhibition space in the future and to plan the special exhibitions of the higher quality and standard. Also, the fine reading space of the library has plenty of books on indigenous peoples, and many courses are given in the classrooms successively. Welcome to join us.
  The diversity and multiplicity of the culture in Taiwan is what everyone should identify with and learn about, especially the indigenous culture of the Austronesian peoples, which is the important gift Taiwan gives to the world. Ketagalan Culture Center is a platform and a window. Welcome to visit us when coming to Xinbeitou. It will be a worthwhile visit full of beautiful memories.