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Content of Service

  • The number of group is limited to 10 to 90 people, with a maximum of 30 people per group. The guided tour will be carried out based on separated groups if the limit is exceeded.
  • Both English and Japanese guided tours are available at designated times according to docent’s schedule.
  • The duration of the guided tour is about 40 minutes at the most, but it is possible to adjust the schedule according to the actual demand.

Make your reservation

  • Reservations should be made 7 days prior to the expected date of the guided tour. 
  • Reservation opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the afternoon.
  • Should you have any question, please contact our residency staff at (02)2898-6500
  • Telephone Reservation  E-mail Reservation  On-site Reservation

Notices (Except for guide dogs)

  1. No diet
  2. No pets allowed to enter the hall
  3. No running in the hall
  4. Photographing with flash is prohibited
  5. Forbidden to play