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The Center has multi-functional use for exhibition and performance, suitable for large conference, handicraft education, cultural exhibits, etc.
The exhibition and performance activities are immersed in the atmosphere of arts and culture.

The center is versatile for exhibitions and performances, conferences, crafts education, cultural exhibitions, etc. There are five pictures in total.

Location Area Accommodation
9F Art and Craft Teaching Classroom 62 ping/level ground 50~80 persons
8F Art and Craft Teaching Classroom 68 ping/level ground 50~80 persons
7F Art and Craft Teaching Classroom 100 ping/level ground 80~150 persons
International Conference Hall (elevated level) 174 ping/level ground 50~120 persons
Artifact Exhibition Gallery 111 ping/level ground 200 persons
audio & video leasing projector, microphone, briefing rack, audio…
supplementary space VIP room, cloak room, locker room, parking lot
others photocopy, fax, drinking water, name card mount, poster rack…