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For culture exhibitions, it occupies the largest space at the Center, with a total space of 250.5 pings. It is based on the landscape terrain, with the style of vertical exhibition spacing for guided tour. For different audience groups, we can provide theme guided tours accordingly. There are also services for packaged tours and explanation along the way, plus services for learning of culture and arts. Combined with a tour of the hot springs nearby, this indigenous cultural experience can help to enhance the understanding of the human and cultural history the Peitou area.

Introduction to the aborigines of Taiwan, including the development history of the aborigines

Ketagalan Cultural Center Overview Hall Picture Introduction

2F Information on Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples

Ketagalan Culture Center Overview

Clothing introduction, there is a display of common Ketagalan costumes

Floor guide, introducing floor facilities

2F Introduction to Costumes

Aboriginal tribal culture, introduction of various cultural relics displayed on both sides of the corridor

Ketagalan Cultural Relics Exhibition

2F Indigenous Tribal Culture

3F Arts and Crafts

Pingpu tribal culture display wall, which contains the development history of various tribes

3F Pinpu Tribe Culture

Illustration of tribal daily necessities and musical instruments, 2 photos

Tribal cultural relics display map

3F Everyday Items and Musical Instruments



Information for Culture Guide and Reservation

.Guide to artifact and culture- for domestic and foreign visitors
.Nourishing the culture roots - elementary and kindergarten students

Tourist information

.Beitou Tourism Information
.Artifact Exhibition Information

Theme Activity Information

.Introduction to art and literature exhibitions
.Education and study class information
.Library books and reading information

Lease Information

.Conference & Performance Arts Space
.NPO/NGO office space

Indigenous Artifacts Information

.Indigenous business market information in Taipei
.Gifts and discount for purchasing souvenirs