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History and Culture Exhibition at Ketagalan Culture Center

The Ketagalan History and Culture Exhibition, organized by Indigenous Peoples Commission, Department of Culture Affairs, and National Taiwan Museum, will begin on Nov. 16th, 2011 (Wednesday). 36 pieces of precious antiques are offered by the National Taiwan Museum, organized by Teacher Su-Juan, Chan.
The opening press conference will be hold on Level 1, Ketagalan Culture Center on Nov. 16th, 10:00. The aged indigenous people are invited, and the press conference will begin with music and dance, and an in-depth tour guide will be conducted by Teacher Su-Juan, Chan.
On March 21st, 1996, Jie-Shou Rd. in front of the President Palace was renamed as Ketagalan Blvd., then the name of “Ketagalan People” had then been heard by the public. The present exhibition aims to introduce their culture and history to the public, and to demonstrate the connection between Ketagalan People and us.
From the linguistic and culture features, the Ketagalan People is one of the Austronesian. They used to be active local indigenous people along the Taipei Basin, North seashore, Linkou Plateau, and low mountainous area in Taiwan. Various settlers, such as Spanish, Dutchmen, and the Ching Dynasty, have left some records of Formosa. The Ketagalan People does not merely appear in the history, fortunately, you might find out yourself are one of them. Welcome to the Exhibition and fet to know more about the Ketagalan history and culture.

Organized by: Indigenous Peoples Commission, Department of Culture Affairs, and National Taiwan Museum
Venue: Ketagalan Culture Center (No. 3-1 Zhongshan Rd. Beitou, Taipei City)
Available from Nov. 16th, 2011~April 29th, 2012
Online information:
Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government
Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government