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Xie Se Yuan Zheng Plants Coloring Exhibition

The Present special exhibition opens on December 2nd and closes on January 30th, 2011. It also celebrates the 100th- year anniversary of the Republic of China. A gifted Paiwan singer, Reisu, is invited to perform a live show.
Twelve Pingpu Tribes Customs Pictures of which reserved and offered by National Taiwan Museum are now deconstructed. It shows how the Pingpu Tribes live and use of plants and the nature, for example: how they collect and grow plants, and use the natural resource to build houses and boats, make clothes, and weave baskets. There are also various textile products available. The present exhibition is organized by Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology.
Reisu, the gifted Paiwan singer, had won the 2004 Golden Music Award in the field of traditional arts best singer. Her voice is described as powerful as wind brings you fly in the sky. The opening ceremony will be begun with RS music opera troupe on December 2nd.
There are four road shows to celebrate the 100th- year anniversary of the Republic of China, including Xie Se Yuan Zheng Plants Coloring Exhibition at Ketagalan Culture Center, Taipei; Old Atayal Antique Reoccurrence Exhibition at Atayal Museum, Yilan Datong Township; Amis Antique Exhibition at Chimei Museum, Hualien; and Natural Disaster Exhibition at Taichung County Indigenous Affairs Service Center. Free of charge above, the public is all invited.
Organized by: Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan; Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government; and Taipei County Government
Cooperated with: Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology and Fu Lu Culture & Education Foundation