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Aba Tibetan and Qiang cultural relics exhibition

Aba, Sichuan is the country's second-largest Tibetan and Qiang mainly inhabited since ancient times has this mystical Buddhist culture, ancient Qiang Shibi culture, history culture deeply rooted in colorful ethnic customs, formed a road beautiful cultural landscape .
Tibetans have a long history and splendid culture, the early 7th century Tibetan literature masterpieces there is the 56 Chinese ethnic minorities very unique. Tibetan self-proclaimed "eat tsampa, letter causal nation", is a multiethnic nation formed after a long-term development. Reverence for nature, religiosity, personality traits contentment, most Tibetan outsiders commendable, therefore the traditional Tibetan culture with strong religious overtones world, after thousands of years, leaving many distinctive cultural art .
Qiang is the oldest of the Chinese nation. 5000 thousand years, highly civilized Qiang, the generated Shennong, and other political and business elite Yu .., its dance, costumes eclectic, showing colorful ethnic style of the rich, as the Tibetan, Qiang and unique customs, traditions history, folklore and natural scenery, so that more people understand and experience what a beautiful and moving parts, the museum is organizing the Aba Tibetan and Qiang cultural relics exhibition.
Organizers: China Association of cross-strait cultural undertakings, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture People's Government
Joint Unit: Lawmakers Jane Dongming office, Taipei City Councilor Li Fangru office
Sponsor: Taipei City Government Indigenous Affairs Commission, Taiwan Aboriginal Culture and Arts Association Sustainable
Exhibition period: 101 years on Dec. 19 to 101 on December 25