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2010 Finding the Lost Secret Garden in Taipei, Indigenous Flora and Contemporary Arts II- Reborn

The Indigenous Flora and Contemporary Arts II- Reborn will be opened on Sept. 18th, 2010, and closed on Nov. 21st. This is supposed to be the warm up for the International Flora Exposition. Unlike the first exhibition- Aroma of Flower in the Memory, which focuses on the emotion of flowers, earth and all kinds of nature materials; the exhibition- Reborn highlights the strong and warm emotion and new wishes.
The installation art “You are flower”, made by Labay, an young Taroko artist, aims to tell the audience that you are the most beautiful flower; the installation art “Chian Shan Wan Shui”, made by puyuma artist, aims to remind us to be aware of the development; the wind bell made by Paiwan artist is telling that the local culture adapts other cultures but still keep the self- reorganization. In addition, there are two pieces of iron sculptures made by Puyuma artist Rayon and flat installation- Twtwngu. Female Rukai artist, An Sheng Huei, created three pieces of art installations made by coconut fiber, which represent three images of traditional Rukai women.
You can win two hot spring tickets by taking a photo with the three stele of The Lost Secret Garden in Ketagalan Culture Center, Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines, and Atayal Museum, upload three of these and submit a reflection of a hundred words.
Directed by: Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government
Organized by: Ketagalan Culture Center
TEL: (02) 2898-6500, ext. 524
Date: July 10th~Sept. 12th, 2010
Business Hours: 9:00~17:00
Venue: Bi, Ketagalan Culture Center