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2015 Annual Island Music Festival--Aboriginal Peoples Musical Instrument Exhibition

Display Ami, Atayal, Paiwan Thao and many other traditional instruments, and arrange Aboriginal artists in museum it offers tours, musical performances and musical instrument making experience activities. A rich series of activities, including the timing of daily musical performances, monthly 1st and 3rd Saturday from 14 to 16:00 pm DIY experience activities, as well as every second, around 14 to 16 Sunday afternoon music humanities lectures. Multi expected by the musical elements and interactions to promote public understanding of Aboriginal culture, ethnic music, learning experience and enjoy the beauty of traditional Aboriginal art. Tea party on April 2 in the Amis ga orchestra through "the earth pulsating" kicks off the music, and positive if by "listening to the Amis ga through much less should the head of the orchestra and musical Aboriginal artists husband said Dan resistance Story "to the sounds tell the story of each instrument and display features. The Cultural History Workshop and representatives from local arts venues, but also the follow-up and follow-up to action to promote cooperation and ketagalan culture center, and on-site co-expression of willingness to cooperate, so that the venue of the series Beitou area, and Kay Dagerland cultural centers of activation, by adding a new force in marketing.