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Wen Lu” Exhibition byArtist Bahaolan.Jilan

The Wen Lu Exhibition will be hold in the lobby of Ketagalan Culture Center between Feb. 10th to May 29th, 2011. Eighteen pieces of Bahaolan.Jilan’s work, indigenous artist, will be shown to the public. An Amis priesthood from Hualien is invited to pray on April 15th. The public is welcome.
The Taiwan indigenous culture of praying is somehow mystical, of which the history and knowledge behind takes thousands of year, and the need of priesthood is still important until now.
The present exhibition represents the emotion of Paiwan artist, Bahaolan.Jilan. It is about the impact he had in Dong Chan Village, Hualien, when he got to know the praying ceremony and reflected on himself. The Ketagalan Culture Center was opened in Nov. 2002. Besides of the Level 2 and Level 3 for antiques display, it has long been used as a platform for sharing culture, arts, and knowledge. Eighteen pieces of painting will be displayed in the present exhibition, you are all invited.