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Ketagalan Culture Center Summer Activities

Summer is the harvest season of indigenous people. A series of arts activities has been organized by the Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government this summer, including Indigenous Student Creative Exhibition, Puyuma New Generation Exhibition, and Children’s Drama. The opening ceremony will be hold in the lobby of Ketagalan Culture Center on July 21st, 10:30. Two indigenous singers from Puyuma and Amis Tribe are invited to perform.
The Indigenous Student Creative Exhibition is conducted by a group of indigenous graduates, of which their experience gained in the urban life and what had affected their original values. The Puyuma New Generation Exhibition is conducted by three young Puyuma artists. The last children’s drama is cooperated with Taiyuan Puppetry. The story is about an indigenous girl who goes back to the 17th century and meets Ketagalan people and Dutchmen whom live in Taipei, the magic adventure then begins. The public is all invited to join us.