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Finding the Lost Secret Garden in Taipei, Indigenous Flora and Contemporary Arts Exhibition I- Aroma of Flower in the Memory

The present exhibition, which is one of the series of “Disappear and Reoccurrence- Indigenous Flora and Contemporary Arts Exhibition, represents the indigenous people’s emotion of contemporary arts and flower. The topic-“Disappear” represents the culture and traditions of which deeply exist in the memory of indigenous people and flowers, plants, symbols, and elements. Though it is fading gradually due to the impact of culture change, the nostalgia remains just like a secret garden.
The Exhibition, Aroma of Flower in the Memory, covers the below display: Puyuma coronet, Paiwan artist’s work named “Missing the Lili”, Rukai artist’s work named “Butterfly”, Bunun artist’s work named “Dancing Hunter”, and Paiwan artist’s pottery work. All of these illustrate the emotion of the nature that has last for long. Also, it reflect indigenous people’s inner sense of aesthetics when the time changes.
Directed by: Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government
Organized by: Ketagalan Culture Center
TEL: (02) 2898-6500, ext. 524
Date: July 10th~Sept. 12th, 2010
Business Hours: 9:00~17:00
Venue: Bi, Ketagalan Culture Center