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Atayal Hongqiao endless - Ha Yong-meter road

Since 2009 ketagalan culture center handle "Atayal Hongqiao endless - Ha Yong-meter road" exhibition, the rice road. Ha Yong continue to Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, Ilan big fellow Atayal living museum, Taoyuan County, Aboriginal Cultural Center, Standard Chartered Bank and other enterprises and cultural centers to cooperate, aboriginal contemporary art's most prestigious youth ㄧ currently.
This year, the museum once again invite meter road ‧ Ha Yong creation exhibition, because in recent years, in addition to art, but also committed to the home (Fuxing Township) traditional cultural heritage and learning and memory. The exhibition design will be the revival of the Atayal tribe village concept, making traditional artefacts, traditional family house show / layout, and the creation of a joint string to revive the Atayal tribe village themed paintings depict Atayal invite you into the world, feel the beauty of the Atayal culture.
The competent authorities: Taipei City Government Indigenous Affairs Commission
Show Location: ketagalan culture center Arts Exhibition Hall (Zhongshan Road, Beitou District, Taipei 3-1)
Exhibition: 102 years July 10 to September 1 102 years
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, nine o'clock to 5 pm (Mondays and national holidays Closed)