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2015 Beautiful Taiya Weaving – Residing Artists Exhibition

Weaving is a traditional Atayal women must have the skills, the use of ramie materials, combined with the current system of fado cotton dyed, with fabrics shape, pattern, color, quality show its different tribal characteristics, most in color using a red, black, blue, legend in Atayal beliefs, evil spirits fear red so much to a large area of red to stay out of trouble, there are not more readily available material today, early Atayal women from ramie plant, dried, bleaching the clothes are made from single-handedly, and only skilled women weaving to get grain surface symbol mark adulthood.
For the continuation of the fine tradition of technology, many tribes in Taiwan opened the classroom and the school community programs, encouraging tribesmen to learn traditional techniques, uphold the idea of pluralism city north of the city, in addition to related courses at the University of Taipei aboriginal tribes, hope attract the public through exhibitions and activities with awareness and participation in this ketagalan culture center in order to present the traditional Atayal weaving technology, especially with Ms. invite Miss Gao Jinlian from New Taipei Wulai Township High Yuxia traditional weaving machine the parking hall cloth creation, as well as serving Taipei University tutor aboriginal tribes, which specializes in traditional weaving remake and innovation shown Peng Yufeng teachers will live in a desktop graphics innovation loom weaving demonstration to show a new generation of cultural and creative design.