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Artifact Exhibition Gallery: Painting the Life & Living in Art Creation Exhibition

Tahara Gallery US life & live painting exhibition color creative life
Display: 15 oil paintings, floral graphic photography
Dates: September 18, 2013 --11 17, Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00. (Every Monday and national holidays Closed)
Oil painting by: Mr. Chen Jinli
Creative concept:
A smile is a panacea to resolve the helpless, confused also buffered medicine. Psychologists Zhou Guoping also said, "Humor is the heart smile, the most profound sense of humor is a spiritual issue seriously injured smile," so in the public interest into more than the leisure, in order to heal the tear and blue between ethnic groups Green battles, into the creation of each painting before interest, have made efforts to collect print media and most newspapers and magazines have a sense of humor, the most interesting news stories and anecdotes, with paint on the canvas three-dimensional painting rendered it into Lee hope people read each piece of work in the understanding of the creative concept can smile after.
Mr. Chen Jinli Profile
1966 graduated from National Chung Hsing University Department of Agronomy
1973 Japan Institute of Agricultural Science Master of Agriculture, Kyushu University
Dr. Agronomy Institute of Agricultural Science, Kyushu University, Japan 1978
1967--1971 年 Provincial Taitung advanced agro-industrial vocational school agronomy teachers, Discipline Leader
1978--1993 年 National Changhua University associate professor of biological, Professor, Department of
1993--2005 年 Control Yuan second and third monitoring committee
2008 - to date Vice President surveillance
Plane photography: Ms. Wen Meigui
Creative concept:
Flower, is the best comfort level one trauma indemnity media people, SOUTHERN Foundation served as chairman during the Song of Solomon and Education Center, in addition to commitment to evangelism outside, photography is my biggest interest in living in the United States during, often seen around the many beautiful and charming blooming flowers, and often hard to see the honey bee picture, often in appreciation while also lifting the side of the camera to capture this many rare beauty, SOUTHERN hope With these wonderful photographs, so that everyone can get rid of depression seen live out the color of life.
Ms. Wen Meigui Profile
1982 to 1985, US President Ronald Reagan on behalf of Taiwan's participation in the Bush breakfast
Established in 1982, Song of Solomon Christian Mission Center Foundation chairman Wen Meigui
1981 Ten Outstanding Young Aborigines won
So far the good news Evangelistic Association and established artists from home and Lingquan oratorio sermon regiment 1980
1979 and Zhang beautiful participated TTV Five Light Award aboriginal talent show, won five degrees five off the highest honor
1978 Taiwan tour prisons, detention centers to hold musical sermon in 1989, has experienced 10 years
1996 Indigenous Peoples will be set up, for the National Aboriginal do not drink, do not smoke lecture tour
He served as the Executive Yuan Aboriginal committee first, the two groups Members